About Lee Bertand

Lee is a freelance photographer based out of San Diego, CA. He moved to California in 2011 with 10 years experience as an ocean lifeguard and junior lifeguard instructor. He continued his work in drowning prevention by working as a full-time swim instructor until ultimately taking his part-time photography business to a full-time career.

With a love for art and nature, Lee's fine art photography is primarily inspired by the raw power and beauty of water and everything that comes along with it. Lee is incredibly passionate about capturing the ocean in all its glory, along with other amazing geological formations that were created by the energy of water. Lee loves bringing his images to life by creating large format prints with vivid and bold colors and hanging them on his clients walls.   

Lee also offers his services as a commercial photographer.  His commercial photography has an emphasis on surf and adventure culture. Naturally, he does his best work outdoors and in the water. He specializes in putting products and teams in their natural environment.  

Lee's outgoing personality along with his versatility behind the lens, make him a perfect choice for a portrait or event photographer as well. Lee's knowledge of buoyancy and balance in the water, combined with his years of experience working with children, allow him to really raise the bar with underwater portraits in Southern California. He delivers a unique experience with amazing memories. 

Lee loves meeting new people and going to new places, he is always looking to take on new clients, collectors and brands to work with. Feel free to contact Lee with any inquires, assignments or projects that you may want to collaborate on!